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Published: 20th February 2012
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Search engine optimization is the method or techniques of promoting new or existing websites and web directory's for exposure to search engine crawlers for the placement of search engine's database and search engine results pages. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique is used to increases the traffic of the web site and keyword density in web site. Now days Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more popular in recent years. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques we can target the users through our web sites positioning in top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn.The three types of search engine optimization are:

* Homepage optimization -

A truly optimized homepage offers navigation options for all types of visitors, no matter what their intent. Not all your visitors are going to be ready to buy your product/service as soon as they land on the site. They may just be shopping, looking for resources, trying to find a job or partner, or researching your company for a news article. To help gain an idea of who is visiting your site, review your site analytics and look at what referring sites are driving them there, what keywords they are searching to find your site, and what pages they are going to from your homepage. An optimized homepage should have a navigation option for all types of visitors. Where these navigation options appear on the page is more a matter of your objectives, and prioritizing your calls to action. For example, if your main goal is to drive visitors to learn more about a specific product/service, that should be the dominate focus of your homepage. While a secondary call to action may be to gain blog subscribers. In this case, maybe you choose to include your blog’s RSS feed below the page’s main content block.

Content is the real key to optimization that is within your control. The more content you have, the more pages you can get indexed and potentially the more keywords (both regular and long tail) for which you can rank. Your homepage should make it easy for search engines to find this new content.

* Category page optimization-
Google has started showing local results for keywords without geographical qualifiers.

* Content/product page optimization-
Optimizing an ecommerce site isn't that different than optimizing any other type of web site. To make a page rank well in the organic search results, it needs a good title tag (that includes the keywords you're targeting); and good content on the page that includes the appropriate keywords. Here are some more tips for on-page optimization:

* Think about the words users would type to find your pages, and make sure that your site actually includes those words within it.
* To achieve good keyword focus, limit yourself to just one or two keywords per content page. You can even create a page for each product in your store so that you can take advantage of long-tail keyword phrases.
* One reason why product pages on e-commerce sites appear in the search engine indexes and then disappear is because they are duplicating content (which the search engines catch on). Keep content and tags unique.
* If you're selling products that your competitors are also selling, then your product descriptions need to be unique and different from theirs. Don’t just copy the generic product descriptions of items that are provided by the manufacturer. You’ll risk having your page considered a duplicate page by Google and other search engines.
* Add links to related products or accessories, or perhaps a testimonial about the product. Adding ‘related products' type of navigation on your product pages will help visitors stay on your site.
* Product and Customer Reviews can increase your visibility and improve your page rankings. This gives the search engines more content to read and also creates a third party endorsement for your product.

Organizing Content

This is very related to Navigation Optimization because navigation depends on how you organize your content. It's pretty easy when you have an online store. You organize your products into categories and sub categories and place all your products in those categories. You get a pretty standard organizational chart when you do this:

Informative pages are pages like "about us", "location", etc. When you do add informative pages that are not about your company but simply information about for example your market, promotions, your customers, etc. etc. etc. you can and should also use a category structure. Using categories to organize all the content in your page is pretty much the only sensible thing to do. Imagine the worse case scenario where you can only get to a page after having to visit 40 other pages first. Nobody wants that and therefore search engines also have no interest in those pages.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most challenging, frustrating, and rewarding online marketing pursuits imaginable. Search Engine Optimization takes innovative strategies, consistent execution, and a deep understanding of the metrics and algorithms of search engines.

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