Types of Notice Boards

Published: 09th August 2011
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A Notice Boards in Jaipur is the most necessary item for any office, staff room, reception area and meeting room, schools, church and also sometimes at large homes. It is a place where general information are written and displayed like posting memos, notices, marketing materials, posters, newsletters, etc. There are different types of models that you can use for both personal use and business use. For office use, you can get personalized models for the whole office by ordering it at bulk rates. With the internet bringing everything at your door step you don't have to search for shops where you have to place your order. In the customized type you can have your company logo and name printed on the board.

Bulletin boards are available in different colors, from the color of the cork to the color of the frame. There are also fabric covered bulletin boards, which offer the same convenience without detracting from your home or office décor. Many people make their own bulletin boards for this reason, using leftover fabrics that match other treatments in the space. There are other types as well, such as dry erase boards and magnetic boards. There are also styles that combine these features. Bulletin boards with more than one feature are also sometimes called message boards. These may offer one side made of cork for pinning up messages and an opposite side made of magnetic or dry erase material for creating new messages.

THP ECO PLUS FOAM BULLETIN BOARD is a board made of 3 mm polyethylene (PE) foam and 9mm polystyrene (PS) foam. Notice Board is the most economical and convenient type and is developed especially for home, school and stationery industry. It is suitable for art/ school/ office/ home/ menu decoration. Catering to the needs of schools & work places our range of Magnetic White Marker Board are in great demand. Made of high quality Raw material they are used in schools and offices to train the personnel. They are highly durable and efficient in use. Available at reasonable prices these are highly acknowledge by our clients.

Notice Board is made of aluminum powder coated frame with soft board inside and a velvet cloth to pin up the letters and an acrylic door provided with locking systems. It can be used by Housing Societies and Offices to display the information and notices. These boards come in various Sizes. The front door is covered with special aluminum framed acrylic sheet. These acrylic door covered felt notice board can be locked with key, which is provided with each board. This board is endorsed with a soft board, which in takes pushpins, drawing pins etc.

Salient Features of Notice Boards :-

* Well Known as Soft Board/Pin-up Board/Bulletin Board used in schools/offices/public places for display of articles and notices with the help of push pins, drawing pins etc.

* Can be directly installed on the wall very easily * Felt can be available in three different colors - blue, green and maroon

Salient features of Electronic Notice Board:

* A single Electronic notice board can replace all paper, fixo graph and all other display

* Information will be displayed page by page

* Maximum of 256 characters can be displayed on single page.

Notice Board Our range of notice boards offer a flexible and cost effective solution to all of your notice and display board needs. Our notice boards are available in a range of styles and sizes, these notice boards can either be a standard size or custom made to fit your display requirements. Saving energy Portable LED writing acrylic Board LED writing board can be flashing, make your advertising more attractive. Features: Handwriting: It's the distinctive way of communicating messages to customers. This offers a more intimate message than one that is typed or stamped out. Danger Notice Board / Plate in Hindi or English and in addition in the local language with the sign of skull and cross bones are required to be provided on the power line supports. The " Danger" Notice Plates are not required to be provided on supports like PCC, wood, steel rails etc.

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