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Published: 22nd August 2011
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SMART Technologies is an industry pioneer and global education market segment leader in user-friendly ICT products and group collaboration tools. The award-winning line of Smart Boards in Ghaziabad interactive whiteboards is the most widely installed in the world because of its unsurpassed product quality, versatility and ease of use. The duration and scope of the warranty are often concerns. SMART Board interactive whiteboards come with free technical support by telephone or e-mail, and a five-year warranty upon registration. Every SMART Board interactive whiteboard is backed by guarantees of quality and support from the company that sells more interactive whiteboards than all other interactive whiteboard manufacturers combined. SMART invented interactive whiteboards, it continues to lead the way in developing large-screen touch technologies and it is passionately committed to creating high-quality products for educators.

Replacement Costs and Durability

You should also consider any costs associated with wear and damage to the whiteboards and their accessories, including the replacement of pens, bulbs and batteries. While some interactive whiteboards require special pens, SMART’s interactive whiteboard pens contain no proprietary technology and do not use batteries. If the pens are lost, your SMART Board interactive whiteboard still works. The surface of SMART Board interactive whiteboards is made of a hard-coated polyester, which is tear proof and extremely durable, and is easily cleaned with standard whiteboard cleaner. The surface resists scratches, abrasion and chemicals. To date, no SMART Board interactive whiteboard surface has needed replacing as a result of normal K-12 classroom use. Most projectors come with a two-year warranty and a bulb that should be replaced after 3,000 hours of use. To estimate how long your projector bulb will last, do a simple calculation. For example, if you use the projector 20 hours a week for approximately 40 weeks of the year, you get 800 hours of use per year, and the bulb will last for just over three years.


Interactive Whiteboards

Mean Low TCO

SMART’s multiple free services and resources, including professional development, software upgrades and technical support, eliminate many ownership costs, making total cost of ownership very affordable. Moreover, the SMART Board interactive whiteboard is so easy to use that you can learn the basics in under five minutes.K-12 educators have made the SMART Board interactive whiteboard the most widely purchased and widely standardized interactive whiteboard in the world because it offers the best quality, ease of use and value for both the short and long term

The SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard transforms your space into an interactive working, training, and learning environment. With the combined power of a projector, computer and whiteboard you can do everything you do on your computer—and more. Simply touch the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard to highlight key points, access applications and Web sites, and write notes in electronic ink. Then, save all your work to one file that you can print, e-mail or post to a Web site.

The SMART Board V280 interactive whiteboard comes with Notebook software, one of the world’s most popular collaborative learning products. Notebook software integrates seamlessly with the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. It is designed to help teachers create and deliver engaging and interactive lessons across all grades and subject areas. The latest version of the software has over 30 new features, including an updated teachers’ resource hub that connects teachers to hundreds of lesson activities and helpful tools.

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