Specifications of Hi Tech City

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Published: 20th July 2012
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The Detail Project Report (DPR) for 1500 acres township has already been approved by the Ghaziabad Development Authority and the land for the project is in the process of acquisition. Plan being formulated for developing satellite towns to deflect immigrant population from parent city. Under the New Hi-Tech Policy 2006, we propose to expand the area of our Hi-Tech City from the present limit of 1500 acres to 5000 acres. The ministry is in the process of finalizing a policy to develop these satellite towns around Hi Tech City such as New Delhi and Mumbai. It has thrown civic amenities out of gear, ranging from drainage to roads, and created slums and swathes of urban poor that are overloading municipal facilities. Hi Tech City A vision of the future, a creation much ahead of its times, a dream which is now a close reality, giving your life a whole new reason to celebrate - a place where the future lives in the present. Located in Ghaziabad, the beautiful sci-fi township offers you every gizmo features under the Sun.A complete self-sufficient township where residents need not bother to handle routine chores. At Hi tech City, the presence of everything nearby - from banks to ATMs on one hand and post-offices to hospitals on the other - will ensure ease for all concerned.There are various specification:

- The Golf Community residential clusters, in the proximity, shall showcase the best living & lifestyle for the elite. Giving it company will be numerous gymnasia and clubs.

- Apart from the regular offices and working spaces, the township would house shopping outlets, restaurants, cafés etc. for working people along with the spaces like amphitheatres, fields, picnic areas and recreation which would impart a unique enjoyable character to the whole working environment.

- This multi-disciplinary super specialty Medical Infrastructure with the added advantage of the Heliport and Golf Course will become one of the major epi-centres in the region for medical tourism.

- The resident community at the city would become a self-sufficient community by growing its own grain, vegetables and fruits in the organic and bio-dynamic farms by using latest agricultural processes and technologies.

- All vehicular traffic within Suncity NCR East will move in a smooth, continuous loop with an uninterrupted flow. Traffic will follow a wide 60-meter arterial road, connected by ramps leading from individual sectors.he roads themselves have been envisioned with raised carriageways to discourage access to pedestrians and simultaneously provided with exclusive underpasses to help them cross the street.

- Hi Tech City would have professionally managed dedicated sport centers with state of the art facilities that would help develop a complete sportsman. These dedicated zones would have facilities like a gymnasium, Tennis courts, cricket grounds etc.

The Hi-Tech township is also high on the priorities of Ghaziabad Development Authority and private developers. Much is being speculated on the prospects of the township, which is to be developed by Uppal Chadha group and Suncity Projects.Being the main connecting road between Ghaziabad, Noida and Delhi, people from Ghaziabad, take this route to heading for Noida, Greater Noida and Delhi.There is hardly any traffic sense to be seen on the road. While in one lane there are buses and cycles, in the other, there is fast flow of cars and twowheelers.It's very difficult driving through this stretch.Hi Tech City is a doorway to escape urban chaos & drab surroundings and crossover to the other side; the other side of a busy life where everything is dream-like and perfect. The city offers a picturesque landscape and breathtaking beauty and serene surroundings.A huge land parcel of 200 acres has been earmarked for the development of recreational facilities covering a substantial area of the city.

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