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Published: 09th December 2011
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Pin insulators it is supported on a pin and provide a means to hold the insulator to the pin and provide a means to secure the conductor to the insulator. Pin insulators in voltage class 22KV and 33KV have found application in varied industries and are widely used in low cost distribution lines. Our pin insulator is designed to secure the conductor to itself. Top quality pin insulator includes RR / PN / 2201, RR / PN / 3301, RR / 004 / 22 PIN and RR / 003 / 33 PIN.
The function of an insulator pin is to hold the insulator mounted on it in a vertical position. Insulator pins are made of wood or metal. Wooden pins are usually made of locust. Locust is durable and retains its strength longer than other woods. Iron and steel pins are used whenever the pins must be extra long, because of high voltage, and whenever the tension on the conductor is great. One make is arranged to encircle the cross arm as a clamp pin—the clamp being held by bolts (fig. 4-23). In many cases. a steel rod is used as the base to permit the use of a 5/8 or a 3/4 hole to be drilled in the cross arm. Steel pins are in general use. Steel pins have a broad base which rests squarely on the cross arm, as shown in figure 4-24. The spacing of the pins is generally suited to the voltage of the circuit. The spacing should provide sufficient working space for the lineman. For general distribution work, the spacing is 14 1/2 inches between centers.
The post insulators are used on distribution, substation, and transmission lines and are installed on wood, concrete, and steel poles. The line-post insulators are manufactured for vertical or horizontal mounting. The line-post insulators are usually manufactured as one-piece solid porcelain units or fiber glass epoxy-covered rods with metal end fittings and rubber weather sheds. The insulators are fabricated with a mounting base for curved or flat surfaces, and the top is designed for tying the conductor to the insulator or fitted with a clamp designed to hold the conductor. Line-post insulators designed for vertical mounting are mounted on cross arms. This type of construction is often used for long span rural distribution circuits. Figure 4-25 shows distribution circuits constructed with porcelain horizontal line-post insulators. This armless construction, using post insulators, permits the construction of sub transmission and transmission lines on narrow rights-of-way and along city streets.
11KV Pin Insulators Brown Glazed porcelain Insulator confirming to IS-731/1971 Amendment 1 to 5 Type-B with 320mm minimum creep age distance and with lead/zinc thimble suitable for use with G.I.Forged pin having small steel heads as per IS-2486 (P.I)/1993 & IS- 2486 (P.II)/1989 and revision with latest amendment if any.
- Confirming to REC Specification.
- With minimum failing load of 10 KN.
-Confirming to UGVCL specification attached herewith.
11KV Disc Insulators Brown Glazed porcelain Insulator confirming to IS-731/1971 and subsequent amendment 1 to 5 for suspension and tension strings ball and socket type having pin ball. The minimum creep age distance shall be 320 mm. shank dia of 16 mm and minimum failing load of 7140 Kgs (70 KN) confirming to Board's specification attached herewith. The insulators shall have 'W' type phosphor Bronze security clips for ball sockets portion of insulators confirming to IS-2486 (P-III/1974).
Pin Insulators manufacturer in India Brown Glazed porcelain Pin Insulators confirming to IS-731/1971 Amendment 1 to 5 Type-B with 560mm minimum creepage distance and with lead/zinc thimble suitable for use with G.I.Forged pin having large steel head as per IS-2486 (P.I)/1993 & IS- 2486 (P.II)/1989-second revision and conforming REC specification.

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