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Published: 18th June 2015
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Medical Astrology has been utilized for centuries and to this day we may apply it regardless of where we may live. Every house and planets signifies different body parts and diseases in Medical astrology. Medical astrology also aggregate there diseases in there dasa antardasa so proper care medically as well as astrologically will be required to counter act those diseases. Medical Astrology with great accuracy as a blue print of the body to reveal where disharmonies may manifest. Medical Astrology paints a precise picture of a personís physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions. It is used successfully as a preventive tool. Medical astrology uses the positions of the planets in the present to determine optimum windows for elective surgery. Medical astrology determines from an individual's horoscope the state of health of body, mind and spirit. The horoscope is a blueprint of the whole being, reflecting the complex interaction of body, mind and spirit. By becoming aware of the bodyís inherent weaknesses one could take the necessary steps to possibly avoid serious health problems. Medical Astrology is the branch of astrology which deals with health. Medical Astrology is a part of celestial science which mainly includes the influences of Constellations, zodiac signs and Planets. Body parts are being influenced by the Nakshatras. The health is perfectly maintained when all the chemical constituents of the blood are present in normal quantities. When they are adulterated diseases sets in.

The Medical Astrologogy is able to study the influence of planets on health and disease. This information may then be used to safeguard against possible sickness and as possible aid in regaining health. It must be remembered that the state of health and sickness is due to combined effect of planets & hoses and other astrological considerations. The position of these heavenly bodies at the time of person's birth as well as their subsequent movement affects the tissues, organs and overall health of the person. The medical astrology is very fascinating & useful without a doubt. We should be thankful to computers & science of astronomy. The whole purpose of medical astrology is to find & prevent conditions & disorders. It describes oneís personality & potential internal conflicts which in turn can lead to several imbalances. The Sun, its zodiac sign location and whether or not it is afflicted by the malefic planets indicates personís metabolism. Blood is made of meat perfectly concocted, governed by Jupiter It is by a third concoction transmuted into flesh, the superfluity o it into seed and its receptacle is the veins by which it is dispersed through the body. Medical astrology is also helpful in elective surgery. The medical astrologer can pick the best date and time for an elective procedure anything from a face lift to a college injection. It is always best to have the time of birth of the person if this is not possible, the medical astrologer can still help the client pick the most fortunate times for the procedure. Astrology helps us understand what is going on, and how to better express those inner dramas, it help us to recognize what are those elements and which outlets they need. Medical astrology provides pinpoint accuracy in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. It can evaluate the quality of health practitioners such as doctors, surgeons or any other healers, their treatments and the interventions they propose. It can determine the best time for starting a treatment or having an intervention performed and it can determine whether the outcome of that treatment or surgery will be successful or not. We use Medical Astrology with great accuracy as a blue print of the body to reveal where disharmonies may manifest.

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