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Published: 21st April 2011
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Earthing is one of the prime requirements for protecting human life, electrical & electronic equipments, machines etc. However, it is the most neglected aspect in our housing, industrial and commercial electrical infrastructure. In order to reduce the risks of above mentioned damages, Earthing Electrodes are considered to be the most effective solution for consistent and permanent earthing.
With an immense experience back-up, we are a fully developed organization, which is engaged in providing the masses an effective and permanent solution at competitive prices. The design of our manufactured products utilizes high grade raw material, which ensures a lean inventory of raw material and the flexibility to customize products to the client’s requirements.
Chemical Earthing system comes with a compound named Hcct. Which has all the qualities of the ideal backfill material for an earthing system. It is easily compacted and when water is added to it, it will absorb up to ten to thirteen times of its dry volume. This constantly holds its own shape and adheres to any surface it touches. These capabilities resolve the issue of compatibility and soil/rod contact that are crucial to an earthing system. TEC absorbs whatever moisture is present and maintains within itself, in contrary to surface apperances.

Chemical Earthing Electrode, which are manufactured with high grade raw material. These electrodes are used in the process of earthing that finds application in electrical engineering maintenance.
• High conductivity
• Prolonged service life
• Safe and sound to use
• Natural chemical composition
We are a professionally managed company engaged in manufacturing of chemical pipe earthing systems at our workshop at Ghaziabad, U.P (India). MT Earthling Electrodes, a safe, corrosion-resistant and durable earthling electrodes. we are dedicated to provide innovative, cost effective solutions for all ground requirement providing the best quality grounding system to the valuable clients is our prime responsibility over the years we have been able to offer state of the art corrosion free grounding system ideal for all type of soil conditions and environments our products have helped our customer to save resources by preventing damage to costly equipment and increase productivity by eliminating unnecessary downtime we provide high quality and dependable products and services in the electrical and electronics industry.

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