Important Points of sms marketing

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Published: 06th August 2012
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Text message promotion permits one hundred sixty text characters, the sames as that permitted in twitter, but doesn't need text and is initiated by quick signup and in contrast Twitter the initiation of following is less quick and easy.SMS marketing can be sent according to your convenience and it won't immediately disappear like emails and other means of communications. Bulk SMS has become an important advertising and marketing tool to promote business because it not only creates awareness about a brand but also helps in reaching huge potential markets and large number of customers within short time.SMS marketing is considered a profitable and cost-effective marketing strategy.SMS speak originated from the need to send very short messages, it discourages complex vocabulary and prevents the creation of longer, more sophisticated phrases.There are different advantages of sms marketing -

Majority of your revenue may probably originate from existing customers. But what happens with the untapped market? There is great potential in reaching out to a new batch of would-be customers.

With a single click of a mouse or a button, you can already send messages to a multitude of people simultaneously.

When people reply to your text message, there’s an enormous chance that they are already thinking about buying your products.

Text messaging is not limited to only one use. You could send a message to inform, remind or promote. You can also give special offers which will encourage interest in your products and services.

Reach : Your customer’s always have their mobile phone with them. No matter where they are, your message will reach your target audience. No more searching for the right medium to find you ideal customer.

Average SMS marketing redemption rates are 20%. Other marketing such as email, direct mail and newspaper rarely reach over 2%-3%.

New campaigns and messages are set up in minutes. When you send out a new text blast it reaches your customer in minutes and is read.

Mobile marketing can be used for a wide range of purposes: announcing new product, one-day specials, new store openings, special events…etc. Subscribers can be treated as an exclusive group for offers and information that only they have access to, increasing loyalty, purchases, and speed of communications.

SMS marketing is considered to be one of the highly effective strategies to survive competition in the market. Sending messages to people via SMS is a great strategy because the message is delivered to the customer directly.SMS marketing is an easy to execute marketing strategy. Not much budget is required by a company for using this particular marketing tool.Mobile phone marketing and how it can reach to a greater number of clients depends on these technologies. So that you can get in touch with the absolute maximum number of clients, SMS advertising tactics need to understand the needs of the people. The development associated with SMS promoting worldwide might be related to the net.This method is also effective since most people tend to read the message as soon as their mobile phone beeps or shows an incoming message. So the message is read much more quickly than an email for example. Besides it can be saved and re-read later.It is the SMS marketing tactic which easily grabbed the attention and love of business organizations. Corporate world look for reducing costs which spends for marketing and advertising strategies. Bulk SMS services save significant amount of money and time to business people and brings effective results also.

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