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Published: 26th January 2012
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The Taj Mahal was constructed using materials from all over India and Asia. The buildings are constructed with walls of brick and rubble inner cores faced with either marble or sandstone locked together with iron dowels and clamps. Some of the walls of the mausoleum are several meters thick. Over 1,000 elephants were used to transport building materials during the construction. The bricks were fired locally and the sandstone was quarried 28 miles (45 km) away near Fatehpur Sikri. The white marble was brought 250 miles (400 km) from quarries belonging to Raja Jai Singh in Makrana, Rajasthan. Initial estimates for the cost of the works of 4,000,000 rupees had risen to 5,000,000 by completion. A waqf (trust) was established for the perpetual upkeep of the mausoleum with an income of 300,000 rupees. One third of this income came from 30 villages in the district of Agra while the remainder came from taxes generated as a result of trade from the bazaars and caravanserais which had been built at an early stage to the south of the complex. Any surplus would be distributed by the emperor as he saw fit. As well as paying for routine maintenance.

Taj Mahal tourism has become a pilgrimage for travelers and the nationality doesn’t matter at all. Whether you are from India or outside you will be amazed in a similar manner. A Taj Mahal trip stirs different kinds of feelings with every visit. At first you may feel a childlike amazement, next it would be just a stunned expression, and then it may elevate to a level of pure worship. The aura just seems to spread and embrace anyone who comes within its radius.
And, this feeling of wonder is heightened even more with the inclusion of visits to the Agra Fort, one of the finest examples of Mughal architectures. The trip can also be extended by planning a travel to Mathura and Vrindavan, which are considered to be extremely important destinations for the devotees of Lord Krishna. A number of temples and shrine adorn these towns. And, for those who love to enjoy the colorful sights and sounds of migratory birds, the Bhagalpur Bird Sanctuary may be an interesting choice especially during the months of October to February.
It is important to note here that the travel details are best planned well ahead to make your itinerary absolutely hassle free. You can either let all the hard work be done by a travel agent of your choice, or you can make it yourself to keep it flexible.

Travel to Taj Mahal Agra to baptize into the true glory of this passion of love. Tourists in large numbers flock at the venue of the monument. As the sun rises to cast a reverential beam on the sepulcher, the ‘dream in marble’ turns from lavender to yellow, while nightfall sees the monument bathed in moonlight – looking like a woman wreathed in smiles while waiting for her lover. Apart from its stunning design balance and perfect symmetry, the Taj is also noted particularly for its elegant domes, intricately carved screens and some of the best inlay work ever seen.

There are a lot of tourism options you can find in Agra as like Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Panch Mahal, or Palace of Five Story, and the Buland Darwaza, a massive gate. It also includes the Jama Masjid a Mosque, Salim Chisti tomb, Diwani- Aam, and Jodh Bai's Palace. Agra fort is a architectural treasure for tourists visiting Agra. One can take pleasure in the beautiful glimpse of the Taj Mahal from the fort across the Yamuna River. The fort is a red sandstone castle built by Emperor Akbar in the year 1654. The portion of the fort was used as a military strategic point and the rest was used as the royal residence. Later on the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan laid many additions in the fort.

Taj Mahal is an unforgettable experience which is appreciated by tourists worldwide. So, plan a trip and visit this amazing structure that is also known as monument of love. Taj Mahal is considered as one of the seven wonders; it has become the hot spot for the tourists, all over the country. There are many Taj Mahal tour packages depending upon the days of visit.

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