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Published: 12th April 2011
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Notice Boards in UP is used in many places such as schools, institutions, colleges, workplace and other various places. Notice boards should be kept at such a place which is free from where they can be viewed without causing any type of trouble. They are available in variety of sizes, styles and hues.

White board has glossy white and smooth surface. It is similar to blackboard or chalkboard which makes it possible for writing and erasing quickly. They can be very essential in any work place and can be utilized for any purposes. The best thing about this board is that they can be used repeatedly so proves ideal for writing information.

Aesthetically, white boards look neat and clean so one can with ease read the information written on it. The ink markings on this board are not much affected by external factors. Markers are used to write on this type of board and they don't leave any dust behind.

Chalk board is also a reusable board, as one can write and erase quickly without much hassle. They are usually made of thin sheets of black stone. To write anything chalks are used and one can wipe out the chalk marks with a duster or sponge. They are mainly used for teaching purpose in schools, educational institutions and other such places. One can communicate and at the same time explain the things in a much better way by writing it on the board.

Framed in double sided curved anodized aluminium section Chromium plated plastic corners with good aesthetics Chromium plated metal.The notice board of Indiaedu seeks to display all the latest information on education related policies and events. By bringing out the important announcements made by the government agencies and the various educational institutes, this section would help in keeping the scholars updated about the developments in the educational sector. Our notice boards are available in a range of styles and sizes. These notice boards can either be a standard size or custom made to fit your display requirements. These are manufactured from superior grade of material, which helps us provide in them a better and durable finish.

The cover (like a door) has special aluminum frame with acrylic sheet. The board has soft felt on surface and the acrylic door like cover can be locked. The base is of soft board, which makes use of pushpins, drawing pins etc., easier. These boards cab be availed in different colors, sizes and shapes.

Highlights of our Acrylic Covered Notice Board are as follows:

* Aluminum framed Acrylic cover

* Base is backed with a soft board

* Available in Six Different colors (Beige / Blue / Green / Gray / Maroon / Red)

* Suitable for both, Indoor & Outdoor use

* Available in standard & custom-ordered sizes

They are mainly used for displaying any information or keeping updated about day to day tasks to every individual of that work place. They are also a mode of communication as it is displayed to every employee of workplace. Notice board opens various channels of communication for everyone.Having a Notice board in the work space enables people to share information easily. Notice boards are ideal to be used in conference rooms, hotels & reception rooms, and educational institutions.Danger Notice Board / Plate in Hindi or English and in addition in the local language with the sign of skull and cross bones are required to be provided on the power line supports. The " Danger" Notice Plates are not required to be provided on supports like PCC, wood, steel rails etc. which can not be climbed easily with the aid of ladder or special appliance.

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