Disadvantages of CCTV Camera

Published: 20th March 2012
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Closed circuit television. It is considered a revolutionary inventon when it comes to security. Due to itís advantages it gained fame in no time. It is often used for security purposes in house, stores and banks etc. It keeps an eye on the visitors. It can also be used in schools to track the behaviour of a student. It has countless advantages, but that does not means that it is perfect.CCTV, or closed circuit television, is the most commonly used security system for homes, stores, banks and businesses. A CCTV system is made up of single or multiple cameras, a recording device and a monitor. Systems can be wired or wireless. While CCTV has many advantages, there are disadvantages in both types of system. There are different advantages of CCTV camera-

Limitations - A major disadvantage for CCTV cameras is that they can only monitor a limited area. Criminals can vandalize the cameras in various ways, such as sticking gum or spraying something on the lens. They may even be able to change the angle of the camera. Criticism from the general public is usually about the lack of privacy and high cost to install for personal use.

Wireless Systems - Wireless systems need a specified frequency for the camera to send signals to the receiving and recording station. Other electric motored products, such as air conditioning, fluorescent lighting and cordless telephones can cause interruptions in the frequencies, affecting the picture quality. Wireless systems are subject to distortion in image quality, and need experts in wireless technology to identify and repair system breakdowns. Some systems may not be completely wireless, as they require an electric power cable.

Wired Systems - Wired CCTV systems have the disadvantage of being fixed to a particular area, meaning the camera can't simply change location. The installation and cabling of these cameras is a difficult task that demands the assistance of professionals.

Hacking - The value of CCTV information has increased, resulting in a higher risk from hackers. Hacking CCTV footage has led to privacy issues, such as images captured by CCTV of naked women distributed across the Internet. It is not possible to completely protect public security systems from hackers. As the system connects to a network, hackers can hack into the system virtually from outside locations.

The video of a CCTV can be hacked by a hacker easily. Suppose there is a CCTV installed near an ATM machine. So the hacker will hack the video of that camera and can easily get the pin code and any other information he wants about a customer or ATM user. Another disadvantage of CCTV is that not everyone can afford it. Despite all these disadvantages CCTV still allows you to secure your place to a great deal. It has disadvantages but as you know nothing is perfect.CCTV cameras are becoming increasingly affordable to install. Installation of CCTV surveillance systems is a one-time expense, as well: Instead of hiring multiple security officers to monitor several different areas of your establishment or town, a handful of officers can virtually "patrol" an area from a console that monitors a wide area, reducing manpower costs to provide the same level of security.

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