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Published: 10th October 2012
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People believe that who ever worships Mata with full faith and devotion all his wishes gets fulfilled. It is said that a person goes to Vaishno Devi only when Mata herself calls them or else he can never visit there.Vaishno Devi temple is situated on Trikut temple and is one of the main holy places of the Hindus.Mata is said to be the giver of strength to weak, eyes to the blind, education to the un-educated, wealth to the poors, child to the childless and fulfills all the wishes of her devotees. Though thetemple of Mata Vaishno Devi is full of crowds through out the year but worhsipping in Navratra is considered to be of great importance.Ratnakar had promised, the night before the birth of the Divine child, that he would not interfere with whatever his child desired. Ma Vaishno Devi was called Trikuta as a child. Later She was called Vaishnavi because of Her taking birth from Lord Vishnu's lineage. When Trikuta was 9 years old, She sought her father's permission for doing penance on the seashore. Trikuta prayed to Lord Vishnu in the form of Rama. During Shree Rama's search for Sita, He reached the seashore along with His army. His eyes fell on this Divine Girl in deep meditation. Trikuta told Shree Rama that She had accepted Him as Her husband. Shree Rama told Her that during this Incarnation He had vowed to be faithful to only Sita. However pleased with her devotion, Lord Rama gave her name Vaishnavi devotee of Lord Rama (Maha Vishnu)and assured Her that in Kaliyuga He would manifest as Kalki and would marry Her.

Shree Rama asked Trikuta to meditate in the cave found in the Trikuta Range of Manik Mountains, situated in Northern India.Lord Ram gave her a bow and arrows, army of monkeys and a lion for her protection, Ma decided to observe the 'Navratra' for the Victory of Shree Rama against Ravana. Hence one reads the Ramayana during the 9 days of Navratra, in remembrance of the above connection. Shree Rama promised that the whole world would sing Ma Vaishno Devi's praise. Lord Rama also said Trikuta was to become famous as Vaishno Devi and would become immortal forever.The abode of Maa Vaishno devi is attaining huge pilgrimage attraction due to Lord Rama's blessings to the goddess.Pandit Shree-Dhar became impatient. He started to march towards Trikuta Mountain on the same path that he had witnessed in a dream. He ultimately reached the cave mouth. He made a daily routine of worshiping the 'Pindis' in several ways. His worship pleased the Goddess. She appeared in front of him and blessed him. The cave shrine of Goddess Vaishno Deviji is also called as Trikuta Bhagwati. It is at a height of 5200 feet. This holy shrine is very unique as the goddess is represented by three pindis (rocks). These are called as Maha Saraswati, Maha Lakshmi and Maha Kali.

The Vedic literature doesn’t refer to any goddess, however one can find the mention of Trikuta hills in Rigveda - the oldest of the four Vedas. There are different versions of the origin of Vaishno Devi available, but according to the most popular version, the shrine of Vaishno Devi was discovered about 700 years back by Pandit Shridhar. According to the popular belief, Mata once helped in organizing a Bhandaara at Shridhar’s place. But, she had to leave the place to escape Bhairon Nath. As Mata left the place, Shridhar started giving up food in grief and started praying for Mata Vaishno Devi.Mata came in his dreams and asked him to search for her at the cave in the Trikuta Mountain. This led to the discovery of the holy cave. Shridhar found three head atop a rock, which are currently known as the Holy Pindies.

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