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Published: 08th June 2012
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Cell phones are the most common communication device on the planet, and Short Message Service (SMS) is the chief channel for companies to offer services, accept requests, report news, and download binary files over cell phones.SMS can be used & incorporated to provide commercial services like news flashes, sports, travel information like flight timings and status, and more. SMS Applications can be built by interfacing them to an SMSC, which is the central component in an SMS network.Standard protocols are not common and application complexity increases due to varied protocols platforms & environments.SMS 'Gateway' allow applications to be built on standard Internet development platforms by translating SMSC specific protocols into industry standard HTTP formats. The use of internet-based environment for SMS applications also means that most standard HTML web-applications can be easily adapted & used to start providing services over SMS.There are various applications of sms:

Advertising & Event Management

- Advertise your offers directly in your customers’ inbox.
- Integrate SMS services with the website for Automated SMS alerts to customers.
- Promotion/Advertising of product or event in specific target audience.
- SMS Based Market survey.


- Advertising at start of academic year.
- Weekly or monthly performance report to parents.
- Automated Urgent notices/ Alerts/ Reminders to parents/students.
- Examination Schedule updates.
- Attendance report to the parents.
- Examination/Test results to be sent to parents/students.


- SMS Promotion to targeted recipients based on user profile
- Inform your loyalty card holders for fresh stock and discount offers
- Communicate cost effectively & instantly with Vendors, Retailers, channel partners and employees.
- Integrate automated SMS alerts with existing ERP or CRM application.
- Automatic SMS updates regarding bonus points to the customers.


- Cost effective communication regarding new products or services to existing and prospective customers.
- Automated Daily/Weekly/Monthly alerts regarding account status.
- Transactional Alerts for online payments, cash withdrawal & credit card purchase.
- Automated reminders for EMI payment or Bill Payments.

Tours & Travels

- Advertise latest promotional deals & offers via SMS to all existing members and potential customer
- Integrate SMS Services in the Website, eCommerce Portal, ERP or CRM for Automated SMS alerts
- Broadcasting Testimonial of a delighted customer to all members
- Create database of potential customers (Region-wise, Package-wise, and Season-wise) for higher conversion rate.
- Promote various package tours, such as Honeymoon, Wildlife, Country wise, Adventure, etc.
- Communicate about various activities during tour like River-Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Jungle Safari, Scuba Diving, Etc.

SMS virtual number is basically used to send messages to thousands of people which is short in length as compared to ten digit mobile numbers. It makes the entire SMS sending process smooth and this in turn speeds up the marketing process. The need of an hour is to reach the people faster than your competitors as it could affect your business.Business operations, if conducted in a proper and systematic manner always yield better and effective results. Business, when combined with SMS marketing promises to get more and more customers as part of marketing strategy.SMS marketing is vast and with plenty of useful applications, business goals can be achieved easily. Todays business world is all about being the first in every field and same happens in case of sending business messages which has to reach the target audience quickly.Text messaging is most often used between private mobile phone users, as a substitute for voice calls in situations where voice communication is impossible or undesirable.

Businesses can use SMS for time-critical alerts, updates and reminders, mobile campaigns, content and entertainment applications.Mobile interaction services are an alternative way of using SMS in business communications with greater certainty.A person may now carry out a conversation with another user without the constraint of being expected to reply within a short amount of time and without needing to set time aside to engage in conversation.

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